Dear Paolo,

Just a few minutes ago I found a package from Italy in my mailbox. I eagerly opened it to find your beautiful book, La dotta lira. Of course I turned immediately to the chapter on Dittersdorf's Ovid Symphonies, where I quickly see that it is the definitive treatment of these symphonies. I'm delighted that you share my interest in this music, and that you found my article in Studi musicali of some value. It is an great honor to be cited by a scholar whose learning is as deep as it is wide. (I am also happy to see, on p. 256, the name of Fabrizio della Seta, whom I saw just a few days ago in San Antonio, Texas, at the annual meeting of the American Musicological Society. Small world!)
I look forward to reading your book carefully from cover to cover; and, in the meantime, I offer your my congratulations and my thanks.
With all best wishes,